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We watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, read books, and yet sometimes that’s just not enough. I myself have just gotten into the world of blogging. Boy, do they have a large selection of true crime blogs out there! Here are some that seem perfect for any murderino (in no particular order).

  1. Defrosting Cold Cases is devoted to raising awareness and telling the stories of victims of crimes that are still unsolved.
  2. Iowa Cold Cases posts articles and summaries updating readers on missing people and unsolved cases.
  3. Historical Crime Detective talks about criminals and crimes lost in history. You get to see mugshots, read features, etc.
  4. Pink Collar Crime is written by Kelly Paxton, who is a certified fraud examiner. This blog covers embezzlement crimes committed mostly by females.
  5. True Crime Guy posts everything from new cases, missing people, serial killers, cold cases, and unsolved cases that many don’t know about.
  6. Crime Magazine is fact-based covering crime and the criminal justice system. It has everything from celebrity crime to government corruption.
  7. Bizarrepedia explores strange aspects of crime through in-depth articles, forums, and newsletters. It shows you that strange things can happen absolutely anywhere.
  8. All Things Crime is written by true crime writer Patrick Moore. On the blog he posts discussions, looks into crime literature and the classic topic: mass murderers and serial killers.
  9. CanCrime is run by investigative journalist Rob Tripp, who writes about Canadian crime and the justice system. A lot of his posts are original material which is very cool.
  10. Forensic Files Now goes in-depth on your favorite episodes written by writer and editor Rebecca Reisner. If you love Forensic Files as much as we do, this is

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