Dating amidst Covid-19-A Personal Narrative

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It’s 7:30 pm, and I am waiting for my date to pick me up from my apartment. So here I am, rushing to the bathroom, anxious that he might get here too early, while I try to wrestle with my bangs to stay in place. Ugh, stay still! TING! TING! from the corner of my eye, I see a text message.

Okay, time to go! Apartment keys, check, pepper spray, check because obviously you might never know, and of course almost forgot my I.D. and money. Hmm feels like I forgot something; nope, I don’t think so. As I’m walking out the door, I suddenly realized, oh yeah, it’s 2020, we are in the middle of a pandemic; I forgot to wear my mask. This is now the reality that we live in, and sadly sometimes you tend to forget you are living amidst COVID-19.

Fast Forwards, we are now sitting outside looking at the menu, and for a second, I start to feel normal as I sit across from my date and laugh at his joke that he randomly tells me out loud. Sadly, reality slaps me in the face as I get home and say goodbye to my date that I have seen for the last couple of months. Being cautious of the danger of COVID-19, we endure not being affectionate or intimate with each other and call it a night.

This has been my reality and, frankly, the existence of so many people currently dating or seeing someone amidst the pandemic. Instead of kissing or having sex, dating has been pushed back to using our phones, and suddenly you feel like something or someone stuck you in 1999, Twilight Zone much! Trust me, living in California, where, according to The New York Times, has surpassed 1 million cases, has been challenging.

But although I now spend most dates blowing kisses through my iPhone, I know that the safety of everyone is more important. So while I want people to date and be romantic, I also encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines; so, here are some quick tips for dating during Covid-19.


1.) Get to know your significant other through phone/laptop first.

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2.) Get tested before you both decide to go outside for a date.

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3.) Always make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet apart.


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4.) Make sure to wash your hands before and after you go outside.

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5.) If, on the other hand, you decide to stay indoors and have a date through zoom or skype, make sure to have privacy and space.

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6.) Create your own private party through zoom!


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7.) Don’t be afraid to send flirty texts or have fun video chats!


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8.) Finally, use this opportunity to get to know the person more deeply.


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In case you are still unsure of how to approach dating or being in a relationship amidst the pandemic, make sure to check out How to Embrace the Slower Pace of A Pandemic Relationship.

For more safety tips, check out the CDC guidelines here.


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