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If you like some ghost stories interspersed with your true crime, and are also coping with this lockdown with podcasts and alcohol, Tipsy Mysteries is the podcast for you!  Tipsy mysteries discusses the different mysteries that keep them up at night all while being…tipsy! We chatted with hosts Kate and V about the mysterious stories that haunt them.

MMN: What inspired you to start your podcast?

Kate: I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and all the stories that come with it! And in the past few years, I’ve been an avid podcast listener since I always love to learn! So I figured ‘hey, this sounds fun, might as well give it a try!’ 

V: In recent years I’ve gotten into true crime and so when Kate asked if I wanted to start a true crime/paranormal podcast with her I thought it sounded like a fun time! We’ve known each other for so long and would talk about this stuff all the time so it just made sense.

MMN: What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

Kate: Ted Bundy when it comes to true crime! When you’ve grown up in Utah it almost becomes a right of passage to go up to where his cabin used to be (it was torn down years ago but the basement still remains – spooky!) But I’ve always had an absolute passion for all things paranormal, from ghosts to mysteries! When I was young I’d watch Ghost Adventures whenever I could and the story of Amelia Earhart has always fascinated me to no end! (Still does!) 

V: Much like Kate, living in Utah I grew up always hearing about Ted Bundy and when you grow up here you’re always going to know someone that almost rode in his car (trust me it’s a lot!) So that fascination has always been there. Other than that I also grew up watching detective animes late at night (I was too young to be doing so given all the blood and guts) but I grew up loving those! So it seemed natural for those two to intersect.

MMN: What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

Kate: Oh man, there are tons! Other than your standard Amityville house hauntings and Mothman related sightings I would actually have to say that the Dyatlov Pass incident is one that keeps me up at night! When doing the research for that one all of the small details really stuck with me (I was in a deep dive for 2 weeks oops) along with the fact that we still don’t really know what happened – there are so many theories but it feels like none of them fit quite as they should. Overall very spooky!

V: Out of all the true crime stories I’ve researched, The hello kitty murder has always stuck with me hands down! This would be because of all of the absolutely gruesome details – they always kept me up and have stayed with me since. It’s definitely a case that’s not meant for the faint of heart!

MMN: What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

Kate: One of my all-time favorite podcasts has to be ‘And That’s Why We Drink’! Those two always crack me up and I’m always stoked when I get to learn about both the paranormal and true crime! 

V: I would have to say the podcast ‘Sword And Scale’, it one of the ones that really got me into true crime in the first place and I love how it’s done! But I also used to fall asleep to Ted Bundy interviews at night.

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