Peter Sutcliffe on his wedding day in 1974

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Peter Sutcliffe died in hospital Friday after contracting COVID, says CNN. More known as the Yorkshire Ripper, Sutcliffe was a serial killer who was convicted for the murder of 13 women and attempted murder of seven others between 1975 and 1980.

Sutcliffe specifically targeted women in the sex trade profession. He was questioned several times before he was finally arrested in 1981 when he was pulled over for a stolen license plate and police found both a streetwalker named Olivia Reivers in the passenger seat and a hammer and nail in the back seat.

In 1981 he was convicted for the murders and was facing a life sentence until his death Friday. The Yorkshire Ripper managed to violate all of England’s security and faith that the justice system would protect them. Due to the victims’ profession, they were often targeted with hateful speech and guilty verdicts by the Prosecutors and public alike.

In the wake of Sutcliffe’s death, police encourage the public to use this time to remember the victims and victims’ families.

Yorkshire victims
Yorkshire Ripper victims
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