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Although the concept of time is feeling more abstract than usual (thanks a lot, Covid-19), the season of gift giving is fast approaching and your true crime pals deserve the best trinkets that Etsy can provide! But what if your friends are a unique bunch with very particular tastes? Have no fear, this gift guide is sure to satisfy each and every one of the true crime lovers in your life.

The Cottage Core Comrade

For the person that listens to Taylor Swift and is always wearing a cardigan, but also can’t stop watching the latest true crime documentary on Netflix.

“True Crime and Chill” Hand Embroidery

true crime and chill embroidery etsy

Dateline Candle

dateline candle etsy

“Evidence Bag” Artisanal Coffee:

evidence bag coffee etsy

The Cheeky Card Connoisseur

We all have that one friend whose cards are always right on the nose, and now you can give them a taste of their own true crime medicine!

Ted Bundy Christmas:

ted bundy card etsy

November Birthday Buddies:

serial killers birthday card etsy

Mix and Match Card Set:

mix and match killer cards set etsy

The “Rosé All Day” BFF — But Make It Spooky

Is it wine or coffee in that mug they’re always sipping on? Does it matter? This pal is certainly too cozy on the couch to care. Refill, please!

“Lady in the streets, Netflix, snacks, and murder documentaries in the sheets” T-Shirt:

lady in the streets murder tshirt etsy

“The husband did it” Mug:

the husband did it mug etsy

. . .Let’s be real, you want the wine glass too: 

the husband did it wine glass etsy

“Toxic masculinity ruins the party again” Sweatshirt:

toxic masculinity sweatshirt etsy

Buzzfeed Unsolved Sticker Pack:

buzzfeed unsolve stickers etsy

“Hey there demons. It’s me, ya boy” Sweatshirt:

buzzfeed unsolved sweatshirt etsy

The Planner Pal

How is it that they’re always so on time? Well, having an assortment of calendars and kitschy stickers certainly might help. . .

Niche Planner Stickers:

planner stickers etsy

Calendar of Famous Murderers: 

famous murder calendar etsy

Calendar of Famous Cult Leaders:

famous cult leaders calendar etsy

The Podcast Savvy Soul Mate

You and your fellow Murderino communicate almost exclusively via My Favorite Murder quotes and always have a new true crime podcast to recommend. Why not show the world just how important your friend and your podcast idols are to you. Bonus: you can split these gifts up for a cute little BFF moment! It’ll be like those heart-shaped “Best Friends Forever” necklaces from middle school, but all grown up.

“Last Podcast on the Left” Prayer Candles:

true crime podcast prayer candles etsy

“My Favorite Murder” Karen and Georgia Prayer Candles: 

true crime podcast prayer candles etsy

Detective Joe Kenda Prayer Candle:

joe kenda prayer candle etsy

“Stay sexy and don’t get murdered” Karen and Georgia Pins:

my favorite murder pins etsy

“Fucking Hooray” Mug: 

my favorite murder mug etsy

My Favorite Murder Coloring Book: 

my favorite murder coloring book etsy

My Favorite Murder Signed Podcast Script: 

my favorite murder podcast script etsy

The Coolest Kid on the Block

They’re quirky, they’re edgy. . . they just aren’t like other people. So, you better get them something that no one else will have (this statement is most true when your pal is self-isolating at home and no other MMNsters can flex on them)!

“Coffee and True Crime” Print: 

coffee and true crime print etsy

Bloody Knife Hoop Earrings: 

bloody knife earring etsy

Crime Scene Tape Stud Earrings:

crime scene earrings etsy

Lady Serial Killers Poster:

lady serial killers poster etsy

True Crime Sticker Pack (perfect for laptops):

true crime sticker pack etsy

“Telling people about serial killers when I wasn’t asked” Pin:

serial killers pin etsy

The DIY Home Detective

Did your friend grow up with the dream of embodying Nancy Drew or one of the Hardy Boys? With these gifts, they can rest assured that a dream deferred does not dry up like a raisin in the sun! Instead, your pal can “solve” some of the most infamous crimes themselves!

True Crime Activity E-Book: 

true crime activity book etsy

True Crime Themed Mystery Book Box: 

mystery book box etsy

Cult Fun Pack: 

cult fun pack etsy

Serial Killer Fun Pack:

serial killer fun pack etsy

Does your pal align with one or more of these categories? Feel free to mix and match these ideas to create the ultimate gift set!

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