Darkness: Why do we fear it?

Darkness: Why are we afraid of it?

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Darkness creeps up behind us everywhere we look. It lives in every part of us. Wherever we go, darkness is there. When the sun sets, when we turn off the lights, and even when we go to sleep, we submit ourselves to the blanket of darkness. But why are we afraid of it? Is it because we fear the unknown, the inescapable, or simply because that’s what we have been taught to fear?


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According to CNN, humans were exposed to vulnerable attacks during the prehistoric era, and danger lurked around every dark corner. Through evolution, we as humans have evolved to fear the dark, not out of weakness but out of survival. Our survival instinct not only makes us afraid of the dark but fearful of what we can’t see. Talk about “Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!”


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Paired with our imagination, we tend to create monsters out of our pile of clothing or see shadowy figures made from branches clawing at our windows. Not to mention the myths and legends that are imprinted in our brains! You can thank T.V. for that, when you stay up all night, scared out of your wits, waiting for the wolfman to come and take a bite out of you!


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However, as Simon Rego, Psy.D., chief psychologist puts it, fear of the dark is not necessarily a bad thing as it motivates you to be more alert, according to Glamour. So, for adults and children alike, fearing the darkness is expected; in fact, it’s natural. Not only does our fear make us more alert, but it also keeps us alive. Although, that doesn’t mean that we can’t conquer it or face our fears, as we have done before. As I said, it’s evolution baby!


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