Russian businessman killed with crossbow

Russian businessman killed with crossbow

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A Russian businessman is killed with a crossbow on Monday morning. Vladimir Marugov, also known as “The Sausage King,” owned many meat-processing plants in Moscow, Russia.

According to CBS News, Marugov and his wife were in their outdoor banya (a traditional Russian sauna) on early Monday morning when masked robbers attacked them.

The suspects then tied them up and demanded money from Marugov. However, his wife was able to escape through the window and call the police.

Unfortunately, when detectives arrived at Marugov’s countryside estate 25 miles outside Moscow, they found his lifeless body along with the weapon used to kill him.

BBC News states that the car the suspects used to flee the scene was recovered in the town of Istra, outside Moscow. Later that day, investigators had detained one suspect for questioning in the death of Russian businessman Vladimir Marugov.

The investigation is ongoing.




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