The Top Ten things we fear the most

The Top Ten things we fear the most

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Fear, a reaction or a state of being that makes you feel in danger emotionally and physically, according to Psychology Today. With the election looming over us, this has probably been the biggest Fear for Americans in a long time. So, instead of talking about the big elephant in the room, let’s talk about fear in a different sense. Although some people find it hard to admit, let’s face it, we all have fears. Fear is primal and instinctive; fear is what keeps us up all night, what makes us jumpy, and what keeps us on our toes. No, it’s not the kind of fear before a first date or a fear of giving a presentation to your colleagues the next day. This is the kind of fear that can actually affect your life and create a sense of danger peering through every corner. So, what do we fear? Here are the top ten things that we fear the most.


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1. Fear of Open Spaces


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2. Fear of Heights


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3. Fear of Flying


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4.  Fear of Enclosed Spaces


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5. Fear of Insects


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6. Fear of Thunder and Lightning


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7. Fear of Being Alone


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8. Fear of Darkness


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9. Fear of Blood


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10. Fear of Water




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