Utah woman stabs mom to death


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Lori Lee Donlay,58, was charged Friday with stabbing her mother to death. Family members said she struggled with mental illness, according to KSL.

Police were called to 1215 W. Middlesex Road thinking a woman possible was having a cardiac arrest, but when they arrived they found Carol Donlay, 84, dead in bed with multiple stab wounds.

Family members were alerted at 4 a.m. when Carol Donaly’s doctor told them her pacemaker wasn’t working. When they got to the house they saw blood everywhere.

When questioned by family members Lori, who lived with her mother said “it’s the end of the world,” according to the charges.

Carol’s purse was found in Lori’s room with blood on it, the charges state. According to family, Carol “always had her purse with her because Lori would take money and cards from it,” according to the charges.

A kitchen knife covered in blood was found in the master bedroom, according to Desert News.

Lori said she had been in her bedroom for the past couple of weeks because she was tired of dealing with people and was mad her mom always accused her of stealing.

When asked about the blood on her shirt, Donlay replied, “if it’s my mom’s blood then so be it” and later stated, “I think she is in a better place” and “it’s the end,” the charges state.

Lori said she didn’t care about what happened and just wanted to go to jail.

According to a police affidavit, she will take what happened to her grave.

In 2012, Lori was charged with assault in a domestic violence-related case in the same house, according to court records. Charges were later dismissed.

Family members have stated that Donlay has a long history of mental illness, including schizophrenia, according to Desert News.

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