Child Allegedly Beaten To Death By Stepmother

jessica bundren arrested and charged

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A Texas child was allegedly beaten to death with a metal studded belt by her stepmother, Jessica Bundren, on Tuesday.

According to Brazos County Jail records, Bundren was charged with injury to a child after admitting that she had beat her stepdaughter with a belt several times over the past two weeks as a means of punishing the child for wetting the bed.

WTAW, a local radio station, also reported that Bundren allegedly struck the girl six times for every bed wetting incident that occurred and would force her to sleep on the floor. However, the 40-year-old Bundren maintained that she did not kill her stepdaughter on Tuesday night.

Instead, Bundren told police that the six-year-old was still breathing when she had sent her to bed. When Bundren went to check on the child later that night, she had stopped breathing. When police responded to Bundren’s emergency call, they found the little girl covered with a sheet on the floor of her room. Bruises covered the child’s face and legs, as well as small puncture marks and welts on her torso.

Initially, Bundren claimed that her stepdaughter received her injuries after she had fallen down the stairs earlier Tuesday evening. However, whilst searching Bundren’s home, authorities found a belt with metal rivets that appeared to match the girl’s injuries. Nevertheless, Bundren assured police that she had no idea why her stepdaughter had stopped breathing.

As of Thursday afternoon, Bundren remained in Brazos County Jail on $150,000 bond.

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