17-year-old arrested for murder in Tanner Park shooting

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A 17-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old man on Thursday in Salt Lake City. Police arrived at Tanner Park near Parleys Canyon at 2695 E. Heritage Way around 4 pm after witnesses reported shots coming from the park on October 18.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, officers found Domnyk Marez slumped in the car’s front seat with a bullet wound in his forehead. They also found two victims, a man, and a woman, with injuries related to the park shooting. The woman was shot through the arm and chest, resulting in a collapsed lung, while the man was shot four times, lost a finger, and remains hospitalized as of today.

The female victim states that she had gone to Tanner Park with friends to buy marijuana from the teenager, also known as “Drew.” Andrew Whatcott or “Drew”, got in the front seat of her car and started arguing with the woman over the price of marijuana. Afterward, she told Whatcott to get out of her vehicle but refused.

KUTV reports that Domnyk then forcefully removed Andrew from the car and sat in the front seat of his friend’s car. The teenager then got mad and started shooting at the vehicle, killing Domnyk and injuring two others. The shooter then fled the scene in his car.
Luckily, a witness was able to take a picture of his license plates, which led police to the suspect’s whereabouts. Salt Lake Police were also able to locate the 9mm handgun used in the Tanner Park shooting. Witnesses reported seeing a male about 5 ft 6 inches wearing a white hoodie around the scene.

The Salt Lake Tribune states that surveillance video from Andrew’s apartment showed him getting home 20 minutes after the shooting took place with the same white hoodie.

Consequently, this led to the 17-year-old’s arrest in the deadly shooting of Domnyk Marez and the injuries of two other victims on October 18. On Thursday, Andrew Whatcott was charged as an adult for first-degree murder.

He faces eight felony charges, including a felony for discharging a firearm to cause serious bodily injury, possession of a gun as a restricted person, and obstruction of justice, according to KUTV. Andrew Whatcott is also known for having juvenile convictions for assault and sexual abuse in 2019.



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