Teenager identified for two murders

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The district attorney of Syracuse, New York, has identified Curtez McLauren, 17, as the suspected murderer of two slayings, on Friday. Police believe that Curtez shot to death Stephen Phelps Martans, 37, in his home at 326 Westcott St, around 2:40 pm.

According to Syracuse.com, investigators were able to identify Curtez as the suspect in a previous slaying after they arrested him for the fatal shooting on Friday. He is accused of stabbing two victims on Hope Avenue on September 15.

Syracuse.com states that a murder hours before the shooting of Stephen Phelps took place a couple of blocks away, in the 2000 block of East Fayette Street. Police identified the victim as 31-year-old Hakeem Philips around 10 pm.

Coincidentally, officials arrested Curtez in the same location where the previous murder took place on Friday. However, investigators haven’t linked the murder of Hakeem Philips to Curtez yet.

Police have charged him with assault, attempted robbery, murder, grand theft, and possession of an illegal weapon. He remains in custody at the Hillbrook Detention Center while awaiting trial.




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