Man killed by cousin in illegal street takeover

Man killed by cousin in illegal street takeover

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A man was killed by his cousin in an illegal street takeover on Thursday morning in Costa Mesa, California. Sergio Marroquian, 23, was riding in the passenger seat of his cousin’s Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck when it flipped on its side.

According to ABC 7, the crash occurred around 2:30 am after the car was doing donuts on the street. It took place between Sunflower and Hyland avenue after more than 100 vehicles began taking over the streets.

Police arrested the driver, a man believed to be Sergio’s cousin, after causing the accident that led to the man’s death and left a teenager injured.  CBS Los Angeles states that the driver was interviewed and arrested on murder charges. Officials have ruled out alcohol as the factor in the young man’s death.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the Anaheim police department had tipped Mesa police officers after a similar incident took place. At around 1:30 am, an 18-year-old woman was struck by a car while doing donuts on the street. Investigators believe that the young woman watched the vehicle stunts take place in the Anaheim Plaza Marketplace before being hit.

Officials arrived on the scene at 400 North Euclid St. and found the woman lying unconscious. Emergency services took the 18-year-old to the hospital where she remains in stable condition, states CBS Los Angeles.

Police later arrested 19-year-old Preston James Shea after he drove into the young woman and fled the scene. He is charged with a felony hit-and-run, reckless driving causing bodily injury, and assault with a deadly non-firearm weapon.

Police have arrested at least four other people suspected of participating in the Costa Mesa and Anaheim’s street takeover. They have been booked for aiding and abetting.




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