Missing 27-year-old hiker found dead

Missing 27-year-old hiker found dead

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On Tuesday afternoon, police called off the search for a missing 27-year-old hiker after finding his body in the North Carolina Mountains. According to WSPA, family members last saw Chad Seger hiking in the Black Balsam area of Pisgah National Forest on Monday, October 12.

Chad, a native of Asheville, was familiar with the area in which he last was seen. ABC 11 reports that as a Marine veteran, he was in good physical health who had no problem hiking long trails before his disappearance.

Over 400 search and support staff from multiple agencies in five states helped in searching for 27-year-old Chad Seger. According to WLOS, police found his hiking gear near the Art Loeb Trail. They also found his car in the Black Balsam area parking lot.

At approximately 3:00 pm on Tuesday, October 20, investigators called off the search after finding Chad’s body in the Shining Rock Wilderness area. Examiners have yet to determine the manner of death.

Officials report that Chad had previously talked with a family member on Monday, October 12. Later that day, police state that an incomplete 911 call tried to come through the Haywood County Dispatch but failed to do so because the phone had a low signal, reports WSPA.

As of today, police have not yet released any new information regarding Chad’s disappearance or death. The investigation is ongoing.




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