5 badass women to dress up for Halloween

5 badass women to dress up as on Halloween

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Halloween 2020, what more can you say! This has been a year like none other. However, it doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating Halloween at home and dressing up for the occasion. Yes, you can dress up as your favorite superhero or villain, but how about getting inspiration from real badass women that changed history. Some of these women were able to endure struggles and hardships and, through all the odds, created their own success story. What better way to find inspiration and hope than through these women for Halloween? The best part is that you don’t have to look far or have a hard time shopping for costumes online. Some of these are just in your closet. If you don’t have a clue about some female icons, don’t worry, I have got you covered! These are some of the badass women that you will find inspiration for your Halloween costumes.


12 Photos of Amelia Earhart You Need to See | PEOPLE.com

1. Amelia Earhart

A pioneer of American aviation, Amelia was the first woman to fly solo across The Atlantic Ocean in 1928. She was also the first person to fly over The Atlantic and The Pacific Ocean. Amelia mysteriously disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe in 1937.


.Ella Baker - Quotes, Martin Luther King Jr, & Facts - Biography

2. Ella Josephine Baker

Ella Baker was an American Civil Rights Activist during the 20th century who helped shape the equal rights of African American women, men, and children. According to Britannica, Ella joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as its director and was lead by none other than Martin Luther King Jr.


Happy Birthday to Susan B. Anthony: Activist, Author, and Suffragist! | by SmartGirls Staff | Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

3. Susan B. Anthony

Regarded as one of the leaders of the Suffrage movement, Susan worked tirelessly as an activist to fight for the equal rights of women. According to WomensHistory, she later became an abolitionist who fought for the freedom of slaves and the abolition of slavery altogether.


Cleopatra VII/Cleopatra - Queen of ancient Egypt, Last active pharaoh of the Ptolemaic Egypt, also known as… | Egyptian painting, Egyptian art, Ancient egyptian art

4. Cleopatra

Everyone knows her name, but Cleopatra is not only famous for her beauty, but also for her brains. A legend in her own right she killed and plotted with her allies to become one of the greatest leaders in Egyptian history.

Excerpt: Jane Goodall redefined mankind despite peers' doubts

5. Jane Goodall

Jane Gooddall is a renowned anthropologist best known for her work with chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, according to Britannica. She is also advocates for the protection of nature and its inhabitants.




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