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Halloween in 2020 may be spent in-doors but that shouldn’t stop festivities. Horror books and movies may be the go-to currently for holiday plans, but playing games with friends is a notable replacement due to its numerous interactive features that are incredibly fun and safe.

The following are party games one can enjoy with a group of friends and works as a substitute for all the canceled Halloween parties we typically attend this season. 



“Phasmophobia” by Kinetic Games  

“Phasmophobia” is a game in which one works together with four other players to document paranormal activity in various maps. With the use of multiple paranormal tools, players explore a haunted environment to capture spooky activities before the entity kills you all.

“Phasmophobia” includes many different occult creatures that all have their own unique scares and tools which work effectively against them. The group of players are tasked with identifying the aberration which one can narrow down by eliciting scares. 

Another unique aspect of the game is the sound system; the location of teammates is taken into account so voices are spatially accurate. One can also speak through the radio if the group is out of hearing distance. This adds another level of atmosphere the game does so well in conjuring. 

“Phasmophobia” is available on Steam for 14 dollars.



“Among Us” by Innersloth

Although a majority of people are probably sick and tired of hearing about Among Us, the game is a quick and not too terrifying party pleaser. 

In “Among Us” you work with your crewmates on a spacecraft completing tasks. However one to three of your team members are actually imposters who will sabotage tasks and attempt to murder all of the crew before they are discovered.  

This leads to many hijinks that are sure to get everyone in a party engaged and laughing. The value of “Among Us” is how quick rounds go and the suspense of betrayal present in every turn that proves addictive. 

“Among Us” is free on the App Store and available for 5 dollars on Steam. 



“7 Days to Die” by The Fun Pimps 

“7 Days to Die” is a cooperative game in which players must survive together by gathering rations and building a base that will protect them from a hoard of zombies released on the seventh day. 

The horror game is unique in that players are actually working together for survival against a common enemy. The anticipation of the coming day when hoards of zombies storm through one’s resources and hideout so gradually built upon by fellow teammates is both thrilling and terrifying.

“7 Days to Die” is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for 24 dollars.  



“Dead by Daylight” by Behaviour Interactive  

“Dead by Daylight” is yet another multiplayer game in which a team is pitted against one player who plays as a well-known fictional killer. Together teammates work together to escape the killer’s clutches while such killer commands paranormal abilities to catch them. 

Although similar to “Among Us”, “Dead by Daylight” has its own charm as the suspense of not knowing who the killer is is replaced by the fear of their unique abilities and methods of killing players.   

The game includes playing as infamous killers such as Micheal Myers, Freddy Krueger, Danny Johnson, and Pyramid Head as well as multiple original characters to the game. 

“Dead by Daylight” is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for 20 dollars. 



“The Forest” by Unity

In “The Forest” players crash land on a deserted island and must survive by gathering resources, crafting tools, and building shelters. The island is also inhabited by a tribe of cannibals which will hunt players day and night. 

While the game is satisfying in its survival elements, it can also prove quite terrifying when resources run scarce and one is no longer the fittest on land. There is the very real fear of dying from the elements but also the terror of being eaten by natives and animals.

“The Forest” can be played cooperatively or against one another making for a dynamic playing experience that will keep players guessing. “The Forest” is available on Playstation 4 and Steam for 20 dollars.   

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