Mother of Four Sentenced to 20 years for murdering accused rapist


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Brittany Smith, 32, pleaded guilty for killing the man accused of raping her, according to

The man was Todd Smith. He was killed early morning of Jan. 16, 2018– hours after Brittany said he raped and strangled her.

Smith’s brother came over to confront Todd, when supposedly Todd held Brittany’s brother in a headlock and threatened to kill them. That’s when she shot him, according to NYPost.

Brittany argued she should have immunity under the states Stand Your Ground Act, but the court ruled against her, according to the NYPost.

“My baby. girl doesn’t deserve this,” her mother, Ramona McCallie said.

Her case was set to go on trial next month. If it would’ve gone to trial she would have faced up to life in prison, so instead she pleaded guilty.

This decision came after a series of appeals. Brittany and her lawyers were unsuccessful at getting the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the state’s Supreme Court to overturn the original ruling from judge Holt, according to

The defense also lost appeals to have judge Hold removed from the case, saying she was  biased against Brittany. Judge Holt has denied these accusations.

“She was scared,” Michael Steele, Brittany’s boyfriend said. “She was backed against the wall, afraid she was going to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Smith was sentenced to 20 years, according to court records. Her sentence was split for her to serve 18 months in Jackson County jail, 18 months on house arrest, with probation shortly after.

Smith will receive credit for the time spent awaiting trial, and will be released to house arrest in roughly seven months, according to her attorney.


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