Texas Woman kills victim with illegal butt-injections

Texas Woman kills victim with illegal butt-injections

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A Texas woman is arrested for murdering 35-year-old Latora King with illegal butt-injections on Thursday, October 8. Latora met 55-year-old Pamela Burnley, aka “Jag Booty,” outside a Dallas Home Depot parking lot on May 11. Afterward, Latora decided to go to Pamela’s house to receive illegal butt injections, to which she paid $1,000.

According to The New York Post, Latora quickly developed a fever and pain after doing the procedure. She had even sent Pamela photos to prove that the injections had quickly disfigured her buttocks. Latora’s condition became worse when she checked into the Fort Worth hospital in Dallas, Texas. She died from complications on May 17, six days after the procedure had taken place.

Examiners revealed that Latora had died of a silicon pulmonary embolism. A result that can happen when silicone enters the body and creates blood clots in the lungs. The Dallas Morning News reports that Pamela did not have a license to practice medicine when administering the injections. After Latora’s death, officials confirmed that someone had indeed injected silicone into her body after sending samples to an FDA lab.

According to The Sun, officials arrested Pamela after finding text messages that proved she did give her the injections on May 17. They later found a receipt for a recently purchased five-gallon Silicone Oil 350cts at her residence. However, Pamela has denied any involvement in Latora’s death. She only admits to helping Latora look for purses, reports Inquirer. 

Latora’s sister, Regina Hooks, admits to police that she also received Burnley’s illegal injections. She further explains that Pamela used to work with another woman but later had a falling out. According to The Dallas Morning News, that same woman is currently in jail for murder. Police now believe that Burnley has done multiple illegal procedures for several years. They have released Burnley on bail, Friday, October 9.


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