Bellevue: Ex-Wife Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Plot

Shaerin Kelley

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On Friday, Bellevue police arrested a woman and two teens in connection with a murder-for-hire plot that occurred in July.

On July 10, 48-year-old Baron Li was shot nine times in the parking lot of his apartment. He survived the shooting and is currently still recovering from a shattered right arm bone.

King County, Washington court documents revealed that Li’s 30-year-old ex-wife Shaerin Kelley hired a 17-year-old boy to murder her ex-husband. She offered the teenager $13,000.

On the day of the shooting, the 17-year-old had his friend drive him from Mount Vernon to the Overlook at Lakemont apartments in Bellevue. He ambushed Li as he was walking to his car.

According to Bellevue Police Major Travess Forbush, “the victim fell to the ground, the suspect stood over him and continued to fire.”

When asked about who might want to kill him, Li suggested the involvement of his ex-wife with whom he was in the midst of a “very acrimonious custody battle that also included a financial motive for Kelley to have sole custody of their child.”

Detectives found ample evidence that Kelley conspired to commit the murder, including the discovery of a GPS tracking device that she purchased and placed under Li’s car. Investigators also used surveillance video, technology, social media, and search warrants to track down Kelley and the two teenagers involved.

Following her arrest, Kelley is expected back in court in the upcoming weeks.

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