Reported missing teen found dead

Reported missing teen found dead

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Police have found the human remains of a 19-year-old missing teen in Pend Oreille County, Washington, on Sunday, October 4. According to Krem, Jason M. Fox’s whereabouts had become unknown on September 14, after he missed lunch with his parents. Michael and Susan Fox then reported their son missing on September 16, after Jason stopped responding to their texts in Newport, Washington.

With help from multiple law enforcement agencies in Eastern Washington, investigators were able to find his body on October 4, reports KXLY. Officials have now ruled his death as a homicide. While no other details are announced, police believe that Jason had connections in the Western Montana area of Washington. Specifically, in Libby, Troy, and Thompson Falls. Anyone with information is asked to call the Newport police at (509) 447-6476.




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