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With Covid-19 showing no signs of magically disappearing before October 31, Halloween is guaranteed to look quite a bit different this year.

However, even if we’re not celebrating the spooky season with our typical trick-or-treating and parties, we can still show off our costume prowess in a totally kosher socially-distant fashion! How, you may ask? With masks (aka the trendiest accessory of the last six months)!

Before you grab a traditional Halloween costume mask and get to socializing within your bubble, you should be aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly discourages the use of a non-cloth mask as a protective barrier. In fact, according to the CDC, “a costume mask should not be used unless it is made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers the mouth and nose and doesn’t leave gaps.”

Fearful that you can’t be festive? Don’t worry, you can opt to wear a disposable or reusable cloth mask under a traditional Halloween costume mask, or you could pick from one of these spooky-themed face masks from Etsy! What’s better than supporting small businesses and keeping everyone around you safe?

Ranked from grocery-store-friendly to “Quick — cover the children’s eyes!”,  these masks are guaranteed to elevate your costume and amplify your #CovidHalloween experience.

  1. Glow in the Dark Bats

Serving as a subtle nod to the Halloween spirit, this mask will surely dazzle children and adults alike when you strut down the grocery aisles. If you find yourself walking your dog long after the sun sets, you can even festively signal your presence to neighbors and oncoming traffic!

Glow in the dark bat mask

  1. “Resting Witch Face”

You can’t go wrong with a cheeky mask that references a common state of existence turned well-known feminist slogan. If you wear this mask, no man will have to ask you to smile again because he’ll already know you’ve got “resting witch face!”

resting witch face mask

  1. Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

While Tim Burton may not have expected that his audience would wear the faces of his fan-favorite characters as a means of protecting themselves from 2020’s Oogie Boogie (Covid-19), I’m sure he’s pretty stoked that the 27 year old film lives on!

Jack and Sally masks

  1. V from V for Vendetta

The infamous Guy Fawkes mask has always been a staple costume choice for Halloween, but this time it has a much more practical application! Please responsibly pursue whatever vendetta you may have against the government by voting this November 3 instead of waging total anarchy.

Guy fawkes mask

  1. Assorted Cartoon Monster Masks

This assortment ranges from totally benign (and adorable) pumpkins to slightly spookier fanged monsters with wonky tongues. I’m sure you can choose which mask is suitable for the age range you anticipate being around, so please don’t make a child cry in Target.

spooky monsters mask

  1. Assorted Skeleton Masks

You have a jaw-dropping selection with these masks — no bones about it! Subtle, more neighbor friendly options include a blingy outline of a skeleton’s face or a rainbow pair of pearly whites that are perfect for your (at-home) rave.  If you’re feeling humerus, freak your friends and family out with the hyper-realistic 3D skeleton face (pictured).

assorted skeleton masks

  1. Assorted Zombie, Vampire, and Bat Masks (oh my!)

With nine different options to choose from, you can get masks for the whole family! Show off your flair for literal humor with a realistic image of a bat (Get it? Because they’re associated with vampires — ha!) or flex your “Sons of Anarchy” style with a blazing fire and skull combo.

blazing fire and skull combo mask

  1. Realistic Faces from Classic Horror Films

Slap on the bloody, wrinkly face mask, slip into a red striped shirt and you have an instantly fabulous Freddy Krueger costume! If only you could wear the Jason Voorhees mask on an actual Friday the 13th . . . (extra points if you commit to the bit in November!)

Freddy krueger mask

  1. Realistic Zombies

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, look no further than these decrepit zombie faces. Believe me, everyone will keep well beyond six feet away when they see your grotesque visage.

zombie masks

  1. It

I still have nightmares about this set of chompers, don’t you? Also, why is it that this clown has such impeccably straight lower teeth — do they help him shred children into pieces or does he also enjoy his fair share of veggies? Perhaps Michael Pollan needs to rethink his interpretation of The Omnivore’s Dilemma . . .

scary clown mask

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