Officer on Administrative Leave After Fatal Shooting

Jonathan Price

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A Texas police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after fatally shooting Jonathan Price on Saturday.

Price, 31, was unarmed when he was shot outside of a Wolfe City convenience store. According to witnesses and family members, Price had been in the process of breaking up a domestic fight between a couple and tried to calmly explain his role in the situation when the police arrived.

Civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt, who held a press conference with Price’s family members, posted on Facebook that, “police fired tasers at him and when his body convulsed with the electrical current, they ‘perceived a threat’ and shot him to death.”

Price was a former Hardin-Simmons University football player and was known in his small town of Wolfe City as a “hometown hero,” “standup guy,” and “mentor who worked with children.”

The circumstances that led to the officer’s decision to use deadly force is currently under investigation. The owners of the convenience store have allegedly refused to voluntarily turn over surveillance footage of the shooting.

In his press conference on Monday afternoon, Merritt stated that the police have viewed the security tape. “The chief saw the video and told me he wasn’t happy with what he saw,” Merritt stated. Merritt and Price’s family are still waiting to see the footage themselves.

There is great speculation that the shooting was entirely motivated by racism as Price is yet another unarmed Black man that has died at the hands of police. During the conference, Merritt and Price’s family called on the Hunt County District Attorney to issue an arrest warrant for the officer that murdered Price rather than place him solely on paid administrative leave.

“I want to see the man get what’s coming to him for killing my son,” Price’s father, Junior Price, said.

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