The Murder Of a Business Partner


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Mavrick Fisher, 21, is facing a murder trial that is set to start on October 21st and American Sign Language interpreters has been arranged. Fisher is being accused of killing his business partner, Grant David Whitaker, 25, by blugeoning his head with a rock.

According to the Daily Moth, both men were traveling cross country together to California when a confrontation dispute ensued. The authorities believe that Whitaker, of Mackinaw, Illinois, was murdered on August 20, 2019 by Fisher at Richardson Grove State Park in Humboldt County, Northern California after a disagreement. The purpose of their travel was to open up a farming community for Deaf people, the victim and perpetrator are both deaf as well. After the murder, Fisher hid Whitaker’s body in a sleeping bag then put him in the victim’s grandmother’s car and dumped the body near Lakeport.

Fisher, of Elko, Nevada, was arrested by law enforcement in Mexico on August 26 and returned to the U.S. on august 28th. He has remained in custody at Lake Country Jail where he will be facing charges.


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