Pastor performed exorcism on child while on meth


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An investigation into child abuse took place over a pastor in Arkansas, after he attempted an exorcism on a toddler.

Lloyd Eddie Lasker., 49 was arrested on possession of a controlled substance, drug. paraphernalia and a gun as a convicted felon, according to the Star.

Four days before the arrest, police were called to Lasker’s church. Conway police detective Brittani Little found a 21-month old with multiple bruises.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital and had,”a brain bleed and extreme malnourishment,” said Little.

According to People, members of the department’s drug task force arrived at Lasker’s residence on Sept. 22, but he was not there.

He was found at a nearby gas station with four grams of meth as well as paraphernalia in his car, according to an incident report.

Lasker told police he used meth on the 21-month-old as well as the toddler’s mother and other church members, though claimed to not have known the meth was in the car at the time, according to the Star.

Authorities say Lasker admitted to “exorcise the demon” out of the toddler, but wouldn’t say how he was going to do it.

He was in court on Sept. 23,  but will appear again on Oct. 13.


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