Hispanic man wrongly accused of kidnapping

Hispanic man wrongly accused

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A 55-year old Hispanic man is wrongly accused of kidnapping his grandson in Torrance, California. Abel Mata, a seventh-grade history teacher, was babysitting his two-year-old grandson on Friday morning when police showed up at the 700 block of Border Avenue.

Insider reports that a white woman started shouting at Mata for walking with his light-skinned grandson. She accused Mata of kidnapping the two-year-old toddler and called police. After questioning Mata, they quickly realized that someone had falsely accused him of a crime.

According to ABC 7, Abel Mata hopes that people will learn a lesson within his story. While many in the Hispanic community have dark skin complexions, many can also fall in the lighter spectrum. He hopes that this will teach people not to jump to conclusions or judge others based on their skin color.


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