DNA Frees a Detroit Man From Jail


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Lacino Hamilton, 19 at the time, was wrong fully convicted of murder and sentenced to 50 to 80 years behind bars in 1996. Hamilton opposed the accusation and murder of the woman he considered a mother, but jailhouse snitch testified that Hamilton confessed to the murder.

According to Detroitnews.com, Willa Bias was a foster mother murdered in her Detroit home in 1994. Before she was shot to death, she fought the attacker in which she contained the attacker’s DNA under her fingernails.

Hamilton’s attorneys and prosecutor had no idea that the evidence existed until two years ago. After the discovery, thanks to his attorney and a group of college law student,  of hidden evidence and tested the DNA, Hamilton was exonerated at 45 years old and after 26 years of false imprisonment from Macomb Correctional Facility.

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