10 Spooky Snack Ideas for Halloween


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Wether you are throwing a small halloween celebration, zoom party, family bash, or just wanting something on theme to snack on this month, then these may be perfect for you! They’re all so fun and easy to  make. Even if you aren’t a master chef, you’re guaranteed to succeed with these.

  1. Bloody Shirley Temple

Wanna drink some blood out of a syringe? This is perfect for you! Can easily be made alcoholic, but this version is kid proof. (You know how to spice it up!)

2. Spider Ice Cubes

So simple yet so spooky!! Place some of these ice cubes in any drink and wait for them to melt. Don’t swallow the spider!

3. Blood Splattered Oreos are an easy crowd pleaser. All you need is some red cookie icing and just flick it on the cookies, so easy and so fun!

4. RIP Sourpatch kid

All you need for this one is vanilla pudding, oreos, and sour patch kids. Such a tasty and spooky treat!

Creepy Halloween Party Treats. From haunted pudding cups, to blood spattered OREO cookies and more. Make Dead Sea Pudding Cups with OREO, Sour Patch Kids and Snack Pack Pudding Cups.

5. Skeleton Cheese Plate

All you gotta do is buy a mini skeleton and throw some cheese and meats around it and voila!

6. Ghost Hands Punch

Want to spruce up a boring old punch bowl, here it is!

7. Mummy Hot Dogs

No matter how old you are, mini hot dogs wrapped in bread are a must. It’s a fun spooky spin on pigs in a blanket!


8. Graveyard Taco Dip

Every party needs dip!

Graveyard taco dip - a fun and easy recipe for Halloween!

9. Vampire Milkshakes

Not a fan of juice and jello? These ice cream shots will definitely hit the spot and be a party favorite!

twilight-milkshake shots

10. The Black beard Cocktail

If you want to drink something that’s the same color as your soul look no further. Black Beard Cocktail is soooo spooky. Definitely our ascetic. Try it if you dare….

The Blackbeard // HonestlyYUM

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