Man accused of dismembering parents is put on trial

Man accused of dismembering parents is put on trial

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The 31-year-old man accused of murdering and dismembering his parents is on trial on Monday, September 29. Joel Guy Jr. was 28 years old when he mercilessly killed his parents and dismembered their bodies. It was Thanksgiving week in 2016, and Joel had traveled from his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Knox County, Tennessee.

According to Daily Mail, he planned on spending the holiday with his father, 61-year-old Joel Guy Sr., his mother, 55-year-old Lisa Guy, and his three sisters. At the time, Joel had been a college dropout studying to become a plastic surgeon. His parents, who were both engineers, had financially supported him throughout nine years of college and until their recent death at the hands of their son.

Neighbors would last see Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy on Friday, November 25, leaving their home to visit relatives. USA Today Sun reports that after Lisa didn’t show up for work on Monday morning, supervisor Jennifer Whitehead started to worry. After calling her phone several times to no avail, she decided to call the police to perform a welfare check. Officials would make a gruesome discovery in the couple’s home.

Within the blood-splattered home, police found the severed hands of Joel Guy Sr. in the couple’s exercise room. According to The New York Daily News, officials finally found the remains of Joel and Lisa Guy stewing in a soup of acid chemicals. Eventually, investigators discovered the severed head of Lisa Guy boiling in a pot on the stove.

The Daily Mail reports that Joel Jr. planned their murders in his notebook after learning that his parents would cut him off financially. With a step by step guide, he first killed his father before his mother came home from Walmart. Joel stabbed his father 42 times, severing his ribs, puncturing his liver, lungs, and kidneys. The autopsy revealed that he also decapitated his father’s hands, arms, and legs. The report explains that Joel Sr. fought for his life before succumbing to his injuries.

Afterward, he ambushed Lisa as she was entering her home. According to USA Today Sun, she was stabbed 31 times and had her limbs and head severed. With his guide’s help, Joel tried to destroy the evidence by dissolving his parents’ body parts in acidic chemicals.

Court TV explains that investigators arrested Joel Guy Jr. after surveillance video caught him shopping for items used in the crime scene. Police arrested him on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after trying to flee.

Joel is currently facing charges, including two counts of premeditated first-degree murder. The trial is ongoing as of Monday, September 28.











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