Man Kills Wife’s Lover and Orders Her to Behead Victim


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A man in New Hampshire learned his wife was having an affair and is accused of killing her lover and forcing her to behead him, according to People.

Armando Barron, 30, was arrested and charged Friday in connection to the death of Jonathan Amerault. Amerault’s body was found in the woods on Sept. 22.

Barron is charged with capital murder, domestic violence, strangling and threatening to use a deadly weapon on his wife, Britany Barron.

Britany was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of falsifying physical evidence in relation to Amerault’s murder case.

According to Boston, the video feed from the jail showed dark bruises around both of Britany’s eyes. Her lawyer, Richard Guerriero, says everything she did was in fear for her life.

“She helped solve this crime. Rather than conceal evidence or falsify evidence, she led the police directly to evidence. She was beyond cooperative. It’s hard to imagine being beaten like that, threatened with your life, being fearful and then cooperating with police, but that’s what she did,” said Guerriero.

Assistant Attorney General Scott Chase said Britany was cooperative but her release would endanger the public. He said that her cooperation was taken into account when deciding charges.

“She was cooperative after she got caught,” he said.

According to the police affidavit, Armando lured Amerault to a park with Britany’s phone. He then violently assaulted him and tried to get his wife. to. shoot him in the head. When she refused he. shot him three times.

Britany was then forced to drive Amerault’s car to a campsite where she was ordered to cut off his head and wrap his body in a tarp. He then left her to dispose of the body and went home.

“Had this defendant successfully destroyed that evidence, her husband, the. alleged murderer, may very well have evaded detection and/or apprehension,” said Chase.

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