Suzanne Morphew: Brother Begins Massive Search


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More than four months after her disappearance, the search for missing Colorado biker Suzanne Morphew continues.

Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, organized a massive volunteer search that began on September 23. Hundreds of volunteers poured into Suzanne’s small town of Salida, where she had gone missing on May 10, and have now trekked over mountains and through forests in pursuit of clues for three days. The search is expected to last until September 29.

On Friday, Moorman stated that the search did yield some evidence near the Morphew residence on Thursday but he could not offer more information.

“We had to process some evidence yesterday that we found up on the top of the mountain. I’d hate to speak too much about it. I can just tell you, it was close to the Morphew residence and we’re not sure the importance of it, but we did get the [Colorado Bureau of Investigation] on it and they are processing that scene as we speak,” Moorman told FOX31 and Channel 2 news.

While conducting his own investigation, Moorman discovered that his sister was “working with domestic abuse meetings.” As a result, Moorman suspects that Suzanne’s disappearance may be an outcome of domestic abuse from Barry.

When asked if Suzanne’s husband, Barry Morphew, was aiding in the search, Moorman said that he was not involved.

“Yesterday we ran into him as we cross that mountain top of where we found the evidence and he was out hanging trail cams and he had a shotgun on his shoulder and warned us not to go any further because we were about to enter private property,” Moorman said.

Suzanne’s friends organized a vigil on Friday night. Barry Morphew was not in attendance.

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