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Crime and Roses is a true crime and Bachelor recap podcast that ties in a true crime story with Bachelor Nation. If you love true crime and reality tv, and want to hear two amazing attorneys chat about both, you have to check out Crime and Roses!  We spoke with hosts Megan and Danielle about what inspired them to create this epic mashup! 

MMN: What inspired you to start your podcast?

Danielle: We are both attorneys in Georgia. Megan and I were working together. Our office was a tiny closet with 8 to 10 people. We were in there randomly talking about true crime (probably about JonBenet Ramsey) and bonding over the subject matter immediately! We honestly didn’t talk much before that conversation. Right before I left to go to a different job, we talked about watching The Bachelor. I remember someone saying “why do you watch that white ass show” as a whispered my love for it. Megan had been watching since Juan Pablo (barf) and we bonded over that as well!  We found a bar in downtown Atlanta that showed The Bachelor on the big screen with audio, like a sports event. We started going weekly to watch Peter’s season (another big barf). After a couple of weeks I said, “why don’t we start a podcast?” Megan’s boyfriend David, is a filmmaker and had sound gear and taught Megan how to edit!  The name Crime and Roses came pretty easy and it took off from there, starting with The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. Our plan was never to do the pod remotely and then COVID happened.

MMN: What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

Danielle: For me, I have always been interested in true crime. I loved criminal law in law school. My mom and I watched true crime stories together and I always watched the news. My mom taught me really young about how to protect myself and trust my gut.  We would practice code words for times when people, other than her, would pick me up from school. I walked with a key in my fist while working at the Mall of America in high school. We also practiced drills on how to fight back when being abducted. It was stories like Dru Sjodin, Jacob Wetterling (that occurred up north where I am from) and Sherrice Iverson that made me realize real life monsters exist and there are bad people lurking in the shadow lying in wait to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Megan: I’ve always been fascinated by crime – true or fictionalized. I’m a huge fan of Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, and so many more. Realizing that these shows base most of their shows on real stories really freaked me out and I had to learn more.  I grew up in Sacramento, CA and one of the first true crime stories that I remember feeling connected to was the disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson. I remember thinking she was such a beautiful and sweet person – what kind of person would hurt her? It was a few years later that I learned that my dad testified at the murder trial of Dorethea Puente, Sacramento’s very own serial killer.

What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

Danielle: I would say BTK and recently, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (the Moors Murders)

Megan: The Cleveland House of Hell (abduction and torture of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus)

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