Montana restaurant owner charged with raping employee


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Chien “Howard” Hwa Shen, owner of several Billings restaurants was charged in the Yellowstone District Court with one felony count of rape and misdemeanor count of sexual assault, according to Montana Standard.

Shen would ask the woman reporting the rape to expose her self to him and would ask to touch her on nearly a daily basis, according to court records.

The first victim said Shen followed her into the woman’s restroom at the restaurant, and tried to give her $100, which she refused. He attempted to kiss her but she turned him down.

Months after the first incident she was the last employee in the building. Shen again insisted she expose herself. She hid in the bathroom to get away from him.

According to New York Post, “Shen followed the woman inside and then pulled down her underwear before penetrating her with his finger, according to the charges. As the woman started to cry, Shen thanked her and tried to give her $200, she told police”.

After this she left the restaurant and didn’t come back.

At the same time, another victim told police she sought a raise from Shen. He denied this, and instead offered her a bonus.

Shen sent all the other employees home. He called the second victim into his office and gave her $300, according to her report to police.

Once she was inside he hugged her and groped her breast. She said he “would have done more to her” if she didn’t fight him off, she told police.

The second victim quit over text message.

The lawsuit on behalf of both women, was filed on Wednesday.

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