Cantrell: Body Of Missing Wash. Woman Found

Kassandra Cantrell

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The body of Kassandra Cantrell, a pregnant Parkland, Washington woman, was found over a cliff near University Place on Tuesday.

Cantrell left her home to attend an ultrasound appointment and to go grocery shopping on the morning of August 25. When she failed to return home, Cantrell’s family reported her missing. On August 28, Cantrell’s white Mazda was found on the opposite side of town near the Tacoma Dome.

Surveillance footage of the area where her car was found revealed that “a person of interest” walked from Cantrell’s abandoned car to a nearby parking garage on August 25. This person of interest was then seen leaving the parking garage in a truck whose license plate was traced back to Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend Colin Patrick Dudley.

On September 1, a search warrant of Dudley’s house was performed. Detectives, a SWAT team, and a team of forensic investigators from the FBI uncovered the truck that was seen in the surveillance video as well as other items from Dudley’s home.

Dudley claimed that had not seen or spoken to Cantrell in years, but his phone records showed otherwise. Moreover, Cantrell had also confided in relatives and friends that Dudley was the father of her baby.

After Cantrell’s remains were found wrapped and disposed of in a heavily wooded ravine along Chambers Creek Road, investigators arrested Dudley outside his Tacoma home on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer explained that investigators were happy that they were able to solve the case. “It was a lot of work … and we’re happy that there’s a resolution for the family,” he said. “But we’re also sad for the family.”

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