Tinder Dating Turned To Murder


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Rinaldi Harley Wismanu, 32, a human resource development manager at a construction company was murdered, cut in pieces then robbed by a female who is identified as, LAS of 27, and her boyfriend, DAF of 26.

According to The Sun.co.uk, On September 9, Wismanu and LAS agreed to meet at a flat in Jakarta, Indonesia after hooking up on Tinder. They started to chat and then began to have sex as DAF, who was hiding in the bathroom appeared behind him started to bludgeon the victim’s head with a brick and stabbed 7 times then they chopped his body into 11 pieces.

His family reported him missing on September 12.

The perpetrator was capture and arrested on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 where the police recovered his mutilated remains found inside 1 backpack and 2 suitcases on the 16th floor of an apartment in Kalibata City.

LAS and DAF will face death penalty after convicted of the crime. Family seeks justice and hope the punishment to be carried out against the perpetrators.

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