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So you want to host a Halloween party, but 2020 has ruined all of your spooky dreams.  Fear not, we have you covered on some great party planning suggestions to have the scariest Halloween celebration yet, and all while safely socially distanced from the comfort of your home! 

1. Send Invites

Invite from AnnouncedCreations

Sure, you could just go the easy route and create a Facebook invite, but with social distancing pushing so many of our activities online right now, why not make and send actual paper party invitations?  Is there any greater joy than receiving something unexpectedly in the mail right now?  You could make your own invites if you’re crafty, or you could purchase cute invites like these from Announced Creations on Etsy and help support a maker!

2. Costume Contest

It’s definitely not Halloween without costumes, and your party should definitely have a costume contest.  Make the contest into a big event.  Encourage your guests to get into character, do a little runway walk, and really perform the hell out of this.  Have a panel of judges, or let everyone use paper as a scorecard to rate each other’s costumes.  Looking for some costume inspiration?  We’ve got you covered!

3. Creepy Snack Contest

If I’m being honest, I really just attend parties for the snacks, and just like the costume contest, you can encourage guests to make their own spooky treats before the party.  Then guests can put them on display for everyone to vote for the best, spookiest snacks! Please be sure to tag MurderMurderNews in those charcuterie grave yard photos!

4. Custom Cocktails

Why not create a custom cocktail for your Halloween party, and send the recipe to your guests!  How about a pumpkin spice spritz or an apple brandy old fashioned?  If alcohol isn’t your thing, we definitely recommend mixing it up with some candy-inspired mocktails instead!  

5. Add a Scary Backdrop

Get in the Halloween spirit with a creepy backdrop!  Maybe you want to attend the party from a crime scene investigation or the Stanley Hotel.  Pro Tip: Check out sites like Unsplash and Pexels for some haunted and Halloween themed backdrops! Perhaps you want to be super extra, skip the backdrop, and just display your apartment that you have spent hours decorating from Michael’s seasonal section!  

6. Host a Murder Mystery

Now that you’ve invited your friends, have the drinks and snacks, and created your own haunted house, how will you keep your guests entertained?  Let’s be honest, Zoom chats can be super awkward and are a hot bed for social anxiety.  Why not cut the ice with a murder mystery party? Murdermystery Co hosts actual Halloween-themed Zoom Murder Mysteries, or you can look for a game online.  Assign everyone their part in advance, and spend your evening solving a MURDER!

7. Halloween Movie Marathon

If murder mysteries aren’t your thing, a Netflix Party with a good spoopy or horror flick is a good way to connect with friends!  Share a film using Netflix Party or share your Zoom Screen!  We have a great list of spoopy movie suggestions your guests will love!

8. Share Spooky Stories

Relive your junior high sleepover days with a scary story night!  Maybe you have a good real-life ghost story you want to share, or keep it easy and spend the night reading Creepy Pastas to each other!  Don’t forget the lessons we all learned from Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and set the mood with a flashlight for a classic midnight-society glow!

9. Tarot Reading

Do you or a friend read tarot? If not, you can hire a tarot reader online.  Make a fun evening of learning more about what 2021 will bring, and ask the cards if we’ll all be able to be together for Halloween next year!

10. Online Haunted House Tour

We are all stuck at home, so why not try some virtual travel to the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic, the Winchester Mystery House,  the Eastern State Penitentiary, or the Paris Catacombs?  Many spooky sites offer virtual tours online, and you can also find some great, free tours on YouTube.  Share your screen, turn up the volume and all scream together!

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