Uber driver located after possible kidnapping

Uber driver located after attempted kidnapping

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A 17-year-old girl was reportedly kidnapped by an uber driver on September 11, in Smyrna, Tennessee. According to WSMV, the teenager got picked up from an uber on Friday night at 2697 Highwoon Boulevard. She had just gotten off work from a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Archie Hunt states that her daughter often takes an uber home from work, and Friday was no different, reports WKRN. His daughter started to worry after the uber driver took a left instead of a right turn and headed towards the wrong direction. She repeatedly told the driver he was going the wrong way, but he ignored her and kept driving. Her father states that the driver had grabbed his daughter by the collar before escaping to safety. According to WSMV, the teenager jumped out of the car before he got on the interstate. He immediately fled the scene. Her mother drove to I-24 to pick her up and called police, alleging that the driver touched her sexually. She then took her to the TriStar Stonecrest Medical center to receive treatment.

Smyrna officials identified the uber driver as Jairo Alfonso Duarte, a Florida native. According to WKRN, police issued an alert on Monday, September 14, for his whereabouts. They found Duarte later that afternoon. Officials have not released any details about the alleged kidnapping. If you have any additional information, call Smyrna Police Detective Kate Armstrong at (615) 267-5012. The investigation is still ongoing.



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