Missing Adam Dowdell

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The search continues for missing Alabama State University (ASU) student after he disappeared on September 8. Adam Dowdell, who is in his second year at ASU, left his dorm room on Tuesday night to withdraw cash from the ATM and never returned. According to his mother, Toya Cohill, it’s not like Dowdell to disappear. Cohill says that Dowdell does not have a car at school and even if he was planning on leaving for an extended period of time, he would have at least taken his backpack and phone charger with him.

“He always talks to all of us,” she said. “From my mama to my daughter to my son, somebody’s going to talk to him every day.” In fact, Cohill had last spoken to her son on Monday and his siblings spoke with him on the day he disappeared. Yet, when Dowdell’s mother began to get messages on Wednesday from her son’s friends saying that he hadn’t been back to his dorm and that no one had heard from him, Cohill became frantic. “I’ve slept three hours a day,” Cohill said. “This is not like him … I can’t even explain the hurt.”

Dowdell was last seen wearing a white shirt, checkboard pants, and Air Jordan 12 Sneakers. Hailing from his hometown of Alabaster, Cohill and several other members of Dowdell’s family have been staying in Montgomery in order to aid in the search for the 22-year-old. Although friends and family have been avidly looking for the college student and handing out flyers, the search has yielded no results.

Anyone with information on Dowdell’s whereabouts or further information on the case is encouraged to call 911, the ASU police at (334) 229 – 4400, and/or the Montgomery Police Department at (334) 625 – 2532.


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