Braylen Noble

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The body of three-year-old Braylen Noble was found in a pool at Hunter’s Ridge Apartments in Toledo on Wednesday. Toledo Police, Toledo Fire and Rescue, and hundreds of volunteers have tirelessly searched for Braylen ever since he went missing on Friday, September 4. However, after his body was found in the pool of his mother’s apartment complex, Lieutenant Kellie Lenhardt confirmed that the case has, “turned from a missing person investigation to a death investigation.”

Interestingly, police have searched the pool area several times since Braylen’s disappearance — even sending a team of divers to search its murky waters on Friday. After days of turning up no results elsewhere, police returned to the scene to assess whether or not they had missed any imperative evidence. Lt. Lenhardt assured that, “it’s common practice in police investigations, one an area is searched, if nothing found, to go back and search that area … but we do want to reiterate that the area was searched numerous times by Toledo Fire and Rescue, the FBI, private search groups, and both live and cadaver dogs.” Early Wednesday morning, federal agents were seen searching the apartment building where Braylen and his mother live, as well as the area that the pool is located. Yet, it was not until Wednesday afternoon that the authorities returned to the swimming pool and found the child’s body.

Braylen’s mother, Dajnae Cox, and another woman were escorted into a police vehicle shortly after the recovery of Braylen’s body. Although neither women were in handcuffs, the large crowd that had gathered around the new crime scene chanted “baby killer” and other pejorative phrases as the police car left the property. As a result of the peculiar circumstances surrounding Braylen’s discovery, a great deal of confusion and speculation has arisen as both the police and the general public try to piece together how the toddler suddenly ended up in the pool.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information surrounding Braylen’s death is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (419) 255 – 1111.


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