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A search of an abandoned Illinois truck wash on Wednesday uncovered two bones that may belong to an alleged victim of the infamous “Interstate Strangler”, Dellmus Colvin. Colvin, 61, is currently serving consecutive life sentences in Ohio’s Lebanon Correctional Institution for the murders of 33-year-old Jackie Simpson and Melissa Weber, 37, that occurred in 2003.

In order to evade capital punishment for his crimes, Colvin offered to help police close a few cold cases and ultimately confessed to the murders of five more women. However, on August 26, Colvin confessed to another murder on Phil Chalmers’ (a Florida criminal profiler) podcast, “Where the Bodies Are Buried.” In the podcast, Colvin claimed to have disposed of the victim’s body in a wooded area near the Flying J truck wash before dumping her clothes in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

According to Chalmers, because Colvin was a long-haul trucker who drove from coast to coast, the majority of his victims were sex-workers that he had picked up at various stops along the 50 states. Typically, Colvin first strangled the women in the cab of his big-rig truck, “then transported and dumped their bodies in rural wooded areas between destinations” — thereby earning him his ghastly moniker. Although Colvin claims to have killed nearly 52 women in the years between 1987 and 2005, he refuses to discuss any cases that occurred in death penalty states.

Yet, when Chalmers asked which of his still-missing victims would be the easiest to find, Colvin offered up the La Salle woman’s case without hesitation. The cadaver dogs that discovered the bones on September 2 were sweltering in the 85-degree heat, so La Salle County Sheriff Tom Templeton has discontinued the search until September 9 — when the weather is expected to be more favorable. Because Colvin did not indicate when the woman’s murder took place, it is unclear whether investigators will be able to uncover more evidence of human remains.

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