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The murder case against Curtis Flowers has been dismissed by Mississippi prosecutors.  Flowers, a Black man, has been tried six times by a White prosecutor, Doug Evans, according to CNN.

“Today, I am finally free from the injustice that left me locked in a box for nearly twenty three years,” Flowers said in a statement . “I’ve been asked if I ever thought this day would come. I have been blessed with a family that never gave up on me and with them by my side, I knew it would.”

Flowers had previously been charged with the murders of four employees of Tardy Furniture, who were all brutally shot on July 16, 1996 in Winona, MS, according to AMP Reports.

In his first trial, Flowers was convicted of the murders, but the case was overturned in a second trial by the Mississippi Supreme Court due to prosecutorial misconduct.  Flowers withstood trial four more times, each time with prosecutor Doug Evans selecting all or nearly all White jury members.

Flowers’ received national attention two years ago after an investigation by APM Reports’ podcast In the Dark found that his conviction was based on unreliable evidence and possibly even witness tampering. On June 21, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Flowers’ sixth conviction based on the argument that , Doug Evans, had committed a Batson violation by striking all but one prospective black juror in Flowers’ sixth trial.

According to APM Reports, “The Mississippi man endured nearly 23 years behind bars, six trials, four death sentences and, most recently, months of house arrest for murders he always maintained that he didn’t commit, and for which the evidence of his guilt was weak.”





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