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Reverie True Crime tells stories about all things spine-chilling and hair raising.  From true crime to weird events, host Paige Elmore tells it all.  We spoke with Paige about what inspired her to start her podcast, and what role chronic illness plays in her motivation to make true crime content.  For those of us managing a chronic illness, it’s so refreshing how open Paige is talking about hers.  

MMN: What inspired you to start your podcast?

Paige: I started listening to podcasts in early 2019 and was fascinated with so many true crime podcasts. After 13 years of being at home because I was diagnosed with chronic illnesses at 19 years old, unable to work or drive, I thought…maybe I can take a shot at trying to do a true crime podcast! I can write, research, and record from my bed. I love researching and have always loved writing so it just clicked. I loved everyone’s different takes on the cases. Some have a co-host and they get to talk about it back and forth. I started to listen to solo True Crime podcasts and attempted to figure out how I wanted to present my episodes. I think around the 30th some-odd episodes I finally got the hang of how I wanted to present it in a storytelling, facts based, no opinions fashion.

MMN: What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

Paige: True crime has always piqued my curiosities. Even as a child, watching 911 and Cops, when I probably wasn’t supposed to. Then, I got into Dateline, MSNBC Lock Up, 20/20, Beyond Scared Straight, crime documentaries, and anything on ID Channel. When Jessica Chambers was murdered only 10 minutes from my house, that really shook me up. You hear of terrible things happening everywhere but when people, especially ones you know, get murdered, it makes it even more real. With some cases, it sounds like a horror movie but it’s not, these horrendous things really happened. Processing these incidents gets really emotional. When I’m writing about what happened to the victim, I unknowingly put myself in their position in my mind and it gets tough. The minds of killers, the macabre, evil, and taboo in the world, really interest me. Things I’ll never fully understand always makes me curious. Also, I feel like others should know that these things can happen anywhere. You should always be aware of your surroundings and also, please don’t look down at your phone while you’re walking. You have to know what’s happening around you and who is around you.

MMN: What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

Paige: Elisa Lam. When I was writing that episode and watching the video of her in the elevator, I got so freaked out. I didn’t sleep that night and I kept my light on, at almost 33 years old, I absolutely did, lol. A lot of cases freak me out but I felt like I was being watched when I was researching and writing what happened and all of the theories. I’ve never had that experience! It has definitely stuck with me ever since.

MMN: What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

Paige: Since I started the podcast, I’ve rarely been able to watch all of the ID shows that I love! I have watched Tiger King and Don’t F*** with Cats. I really want to start watching Unsolved Mysteries! I watch Murder Murder News on YT, of course.

I listen to so many podcasts:

Southern Fried True Crime, You Didn’t Let Me Finish, True Crime and Wine Time, True Crime Obsessed, Morbid, Murderific, Sinisterhood, Sinister Silhouettes, Death By Champagne, Lady Justice, Our True Crime Podcast, Happy Hour Gets Weird, 3 Spooked Girls, True Crime Witch, That Would Go Good with Vodka, Writing About Crime, Murder She Spoke, Prash’s Murder Map, Small Town Secrets, Malice, Mission Spooky, Killafornia, Ignorance was Bliss, Riddle Me That, Evidence of a Crime, Murder and More, It’s Murder Up North, The Loser Podcast, Morbidology, Criminology, Crimelines, Victimology, CrimeLapse, The Abyss, Anxious and Afraid, Horror Soup, Corn Syrup, Murderish, The Misery Machine, Mask of Sanity, Drink Drunk Dead, State of Fear, But it Was Aliens, True Consequences, The Paranormal Burrito, Based on True Events, Murmur Murders, Creep it Real, Murder and Such, Gone Cold, We Saw the Devil, I Said Goddamn, Curious Nyxsins, Terrified and Tipsy, Near Death Dolls, Beyond the Rainbow, A Few Bad Apples, Always Time for True Crime, Coffee Wine and True Crime, All Things Eerie from Erie PA, Best Served Cold, Book of Lies, Brew Crime, Bruh Issa Murder, Capable, Fruit Loops, Frigay the 13th, The Shit Show: A Half-Assed True Crime Podcast, History of a Haunting, Historical AF, Hometown Homicide, Horror Queers, Crime in Music, It’s About Damn Crime, That’s So F***ed Up, Killer Queens, Slay Queens, Watch if You Dare AND MANY MORE.

You should see my podcast library! 😂 I love listening to any of these when I have time and I recommend them all! I’m sorry, I couldn’t just pick a few!

MMN: How can our readers find and support you? 

Paige: Here are all the ways to find and connect with me:

Twitter: @ReverieCrimePod

Instagram: @ReverieTrueCrime


Tumblr: @ReverieTrueCrime


You can find all of the links to my podcast via your favorite listening app here:

I do have a Patreon. It’s not the best, I admit! However, if you’d like to support for $3 a month:

On the Patreon, I release episodes days before they come out on the podcast, ad-free. I post pictures of the criminals and victims. I also update with blog posts. When I am able to, I’m going to make Patreon exclusive episodes.

I’d love to connect with everyone!

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