Father arrested for daughters murder

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Child Pronounced Dead at Hospital

A father is arrested for the murder of his infant daughter. A 9-month-old baby has died in Houston, Texas on the morning of August 24. According to Click2Houston, Ya’Niece Mason had taken her daughter to stay with her father, Luis Luna on August 21. At that time, Luna was staying at an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Westpark. He had been living with his three brothers at the time of the murder. Unfortunately, Texas officials arrived at the murder scene after getting a call at 12:20 am. Mason had already been unresponsive, reports Click2Houston. Although the EMS tried to resuscitate her, Mason had died at the hospital.

9-month-old daughter murdered

Texas police issued a warrant for 23-year-old Luna a week after her daughters’ death, according to ABC13. Her autopsy revealed that she died of asphyxiation. Furthermore, she had been molested. According to Metro.Co.UK, Savayah died during her sexual assault.

Father arrested for murder

Upon further examination, investigators found blood-soaked baby wipes in a trash bag. In addition, they were located in his room. Afterward, officials issued a warrant and consequential arrest of Luna. According to Metro.Co.UK, Luna stated that Mason would sleep in a car seat next to his bed. He awoke to find her not breathing on the morning of August 24. Luna claimed that he might’ve tighten the straps too hard and prevented her daughter from breathing. In fact, he used to tie her straps so hard, as if she were riding in a car. Currently, Luna is awaiting trial for capital murder, reports Khou. He is in a mental facility without bond. According to WBRC, he is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. Thus, Luna can face the death sentence, if convicted.

How can you help?

Ya’Niece Mason is asking for help in the wake of her daughters’ murder. If you would like to assist, she currently has a GoFundMe page asking for any available donations.




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