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Moira Jones was abducted yards from her home in Glasgow and forced into a nearby park, where she was raped and murdered.

As her family struggled to come to terms with their loss and the brutal nature of her death, her mother, Bea, started to write a diary.

More than a decade later, she has shared that journal with BBC Scotland and recorded her words for documentary The Dark Shadow of Murder.


Maybe my pain will be eased if, as I write of my desolation and despair, I also write of my lovely Moira and the wonderful person she was.

This is something that may help me, something which will keep me focused, by giving me a purpose and it may help others to understand the anguish associated with the violent death of a loved one.

Moira was deliberately beaten, raped, killed. She was alone with a terrifying monster in the dark and none of us knew.

None of us will ever truly know what she went through.

How can you be prepared for something like this? How do you cope? How do you absorb the enormity of it all?

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