kyle rittenhouse bail set at $2 million

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The person who was seen on video firing a rifle Tuesday night at people during a protest over the police shooting of an unarmed black man in Wisconsin has been identified as a white teenager named Kyle Rittenhouse, affiliated with police, according to unconfirmed reports on social media.

As of Wednesday morning, police in the town of Kenosha had not announced an official suspect. However, social media sleuths were claiming that the shooter is Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who allegedly has an affiliation with local law enforcement. Photos purportedly of Rittenhouse flooded social media timelines as “AR-15” was a top trending topic on Twitter in reference to the type of firearm allegedly used in the shooting that killed at least two people and injured at least one other. At least one shooting victim was shot in the head.

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday in Illinois, according to a tweet from USA Today reporter Nick Penzenstadler.

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