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Back in 2003, I was in community college in Decatur, MS. My boyfriend at the time, Paul, was working in Jackson, MS during the week, but we would meet in Philadelphia, MS where his parents lived. We would frequently go to an older gentleman‘s trailer named Dwayne Savell where we would smoke and drink beer because we weren’t allowed at Paul’s parents house. Dwayne was the ex-husband of Paul’s stepsister, and that’s how we knew him. Dwanye also had an auto shop located directly in front of the trailer where he would work on cars. We invited a few of our friends over there occasionally to drink and smoke with us. Derek and Mandy were two of our closest friends that came with us a lot.

One day Paul and I were going on a trip to Florida with his parents and I really wanted to smoke before we went on that long drive. So I talked Paul into driving us to Dwayne’s house to smoke some weed first.

The first thing I noticed when we got there was Mandy‘s car. Then as we parked, I noticed that Dwayne‘s truck was burnt down to the ground. So we went in his trailer and being the inquisitive person I am I started asking questions immediately. “Is Mandy here? I saw her car? “

Dwayne said, “No, she dropped her car off to get fixed and her friend picked her up.”

Then I asked, “What happened to your truck? Why is it all burnt down and  what happened to your hand?”

Dwayne said, “I have no idea it was just on fire and I had to punch the window out to get my gun and my cash. That’s why my hand is all fucked up.”

Paul and I left and went to Florida and while we were there we heard that Mandy went missing. A few days later after I got back and was at school, one of my friends called to say that they thought they found Mandy, and for me to turn on the news. The news said that they found part of Mandy’s body in a bag. It was an old firefighter duffle-bag belonging to Dwayne Savell with Mandy’s remains inside. Apparently he had stabbed her to death.

I was at his trailer mere hours after he brutally killed our friend Mandy Davis and I was questioning every thing he did not knowing what had happened! He could’ve easily killed me because I was interrogating the shit out of him. He did get convicted of her murder and remains in jail.

Reader Story Submitted by: Jan

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