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If you love the idea of one day solving a cold case or disappearance, you need to check out Claire Isabella.  Claire Isabella started her true crime YouTube with the intent of honoring victims and making sure they are not forgotten.  We spoke with Claire Isabella about what inspired her to start a YouTube channel and her family’s long standing true crime tradition.

What inspired you to start your YouTube Channel?

I’ve been interested in true crime since around nine, but never had any intention on covering these cases. The idea only came to me a few months ago when, after watching practically every YouTube true crime video in existence, I decided I would make my own for other people obsessed like me. I also felt a sense of responsibility and duty, for lack of a better term, to share all the information I’ve put together over the years, with the hope that one day, it’ll lead to solving a case. Another main reason I started my channel is that I worry people will forget about victims and give up on their cases. I felt like making my channel was the best way that I could help ensure that these people are not forgotten. Their stories deserve to be told, and if I can help just one victim or family, then I’ll feel like my channel was a success.

What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

Every Friday night, starting when I was in elementary school, my family and I would watch Dateline together. Even to this day, whenever we’re all together, we continue this tradition. This was my first exposure to the world of true crime and I remember being instantly hooked, even at such a young age. Slowly, I started to venture out and watch crime and cult documentaries, which turned into podcasts as I got older. In high school I stumbled upon Websluths and that opened a completely different world for me. There, I heard about hundreds of different cases, and officially became obsessed.

What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

That’s a really tough question! Almost every case I invest a lot of time in keeps me up at night, but if I had to pick one, it would be the disappearance of Lauren Spierer. That was the first case I covered on my channel because I’ve always felt a strong connection towards it. Growing up in the midwest near where Lauren disappeared, I remember hearing about the case a lot. I was only 13 at the time, but it really stuck with me. When I got older, I started looking more into the case, and I began to see a lot of similarities between the two of us. I started to feel like that could’ve been me instead of her in that situation and that has really haunted me since. There’s so little evidence in the case that it’s hard not to let it get to you. Anyways, I just feel this strong sense of empathy towards Lauren and because I see so much of her in me, I’m always going to be invested in this case.

What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

I love the Dateline podcast! It’s basically just dateline episodes in podcast form but it keeps you hooked. I also love The Vanished Podcast. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in missing persons cases!

How can our readers find and support you? 

You can find my YouTube channel here!:

I post weekly true crime videos and try to do as much research as possible beforehand so that my videos are as detailed and accurate as possible! I also am open to case suggestions in the comments.

Watch our Interview with Claire Isabella here:

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