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I met Ximena, my girlfriend, at a party neither of us initially wanted to go to. I went because the party was at one of my closest friends’ houses, and she went because her best friend brought her along so she could have fun. Little did we know, we’d find a reason to stay at the party. I remember seeing her clear as day, and the moment I saw her I felt an invisible pull towards her like I’ve never felt before. The first thing that came out of my mouth was a bad joke caused by me panicking from seeing her, and man did it suck. But luckily for me, she laughed and smiled, and we proceeded to make conversation the whole night as if we had known each other for the longest time! We had never experienced anything like it, we just felt warmth and connection immediately. We talked about our backgrounds, our cultures, and that’s when our interests came up. The topic of true crime came up, and specifically serial killers, and I know that may not sound very romantic, but for us, it was meant to be. It was more of an excitement to share knowledge. We spent hours sitting and talking about crimes, conspiracy theories, you name it, we hit the topic. After that conversation, I immediately knew I had to see her again because she was too perfect to let go. 

To this day we still discuss true crimes, we watch videos and shows about crimes, supernatural things, and any conspiracy theory imaginable.  It’s like our guilty pleasure that not many people understand. I used to feel embarrassed talking about my interest in true crime to others, but with her, all I want to do is tell her more and more. My dream job was to be a forensic psychologist; just thinking about it and writing now it still is a passion. Understanding why people act a certain way, and to feel like  I’d be living in a Mindhunter world! Xemena is studying to become a forensic scientist, and she is absolutely in love with it. Not only because she is intrigued by crime, but she is driven to help the victims and the families find justice and make the world a better place than when she found it. And that makes me love her even more because not only are our passions in line, but her heart of gold is unmatched in my eyes and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I’m sure when she graduates she is going to leave her mark in the forensic science world, so watch for her name! I never would’ve thought that true crime would be the spark of my relationship!

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