Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: Five Burning Questions Answered About Rey Rivera, Rob Endres, and More


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The new generation of Unsolved Mysteries, which launched on Netflix on July 1, looks and feels different from the original iteration of the true-crime series—which spanned 15 seasons and reportedly led to about 260 cases finding resolutions. Creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer decided to forgo a host this time around—RIP Robert Stack—and as well as those iconic cheesy reenactments. Thanks to higher production values and a smaller batch of binge-worthy episodes, the new Unsolved Mysteries has already skyrocketed to number one on Netflix, and hooked a new generation of audience members—who are tweeting their own theories, emailing tips (Meurer counted 2,000 earlier this week), and highlighting the series’ most insane moments on social media.

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