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David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic series Twin Peaks began with the mysterious murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, a mystery which served as the series’ main story thread. It sparked the “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” craze, an iconic moment in pop culture history.

But few know the inspiration behind the death of Laura Palmer. A real unsolved murder, one that haunted a young Mark Frost, helped spark the central Twin Peaks mystery. The unsolved murder is now the focus of a new documentary and accompanying book.

According to Indie Wire, the upcoming book Blonde, Beautiful, and Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks, written by David Bushman and Mark Given, will also serve as the basis for an all-new documentary feature from director Benjamin Alfonsi. Both the book and the documentary will attempt to unravel the century-old mystery of who murdered Hazel Drew, a popular young woman washed up on the shores of Sand Lake, New York in the summer of 1908.

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