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(CNN)Damon Young is a “very smart brotha,” but even he says he doesn’t know what’s happening in America right now.

White America seems to be embarking on what Young describes as a “whiplash-inducing White-guilt dramaturgy” by targeting everything deemed racist.
He has a theory, though, about what’s behind some of this.
More White people now realize that White Supremacy is also killing them, Young says. He believes it’s because racism put President Trump in office and Trump has ignored the pandemic playbook left behind by the Obama administration, which has put American lives at risk.
“White supremacy is why Trump is in office,” says Young, co-founder of a popular blog on race, “Very Smart Brothas,” and author of “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker,” a memoir in essays.
“White supremacy is why Trump did not heed the warnings left by the Obama administration. And White supremacy is why Covid-19 is so devastating. It impacts Black persons worse just because we’re in situations where we’re not able to socially distance,” he says.
“But it’s not just affecting us. White people are dying too. White supremacy has always mattered more than White lives do.”
Expect to hear more from Young when he appears on “United Shades of America,” the Emmy Award-winning show hosted by comedian W. Kamau Bell that returns to CNN Sunday night.
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